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  Titanic's last wireless messages

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Titanic's last wireless messages

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With all the coverage of the 5th anniversary of 9-11 here in the U.S., the news have been playing some of the horrific recordings of people’s cell phone calls for help, coming from the twin towers, flight 93, and so on. It is especially disturbing to hear some of their last messages, with some of the phone calls ending abruptly.

It made me think of how the Marconi operators who were in contact with Titanic must have felt hearing the dying ship’s last messages.

It gives me a somber feeling to read about them from the book “Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy” ( Eaton Haas 166-167).

I thought those of you who may not have read them would like to see these heart breaking messages:

1: 45 am- Last signals heard from Titanic by Carpathia, “Engine room full up to boilers”.

2: 00 am- Virginia hears Titanic calling very faintly, his power being greatly reduced.

2:10 am- Virginia hears 2 V’s signaled faintly in spark similar to Titanic’s, probably adjusting spark.

2:17 am- Virginia hears Titanic call CQ but unable to read him. Titanic’s signal ends very abruptly, as power suddenly switched off. His spark rather blurred of ragged. Called MGY (Titanic) and suggested he should try emergency set, but heard no response.

2:20 am- Olympic, his signal strong, asked him if he had heard anything about MGY (Titanic). He says, “No. Keeping strict watch, but hear nothing more from MGY (Titanic). No reply from him.

12:52 am (New York Time) - Carpathia sends message to Olympic giving the official time the Titanic foundered in 41.46 N, 50.14 W, as at about 2:20 am
"Why is it the ship beats the waves
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Posted on: 2006/9/13 0:46
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