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  •  lilcandycane
us code collection

Joined: 2006/7/17
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here is the us code, stating that the titanic should be preserved..check it out it is neat, this is on the according to this the Titanic CAN NOT be shows that the government is trying to protect it...
Posted on: 2006/10/14 17:02
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  •  MGY Friend
      MGY Friend
Re: us code collection

Joined: 2006/7/7
From New Mexico, USA
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Thank you for the link lilcandycane! I enjoyed reading that.

I found that statement about the guidelines on visiting the ship interesting in regards to the clause "and if appropriate, salvage". So whom or what determines "appropriate”?
Seems like there could be too much “legal limbo” or shades of gray for this legislation.

Although it is encouraging to see government interest in the possibility of protecting the Titanic, I think that the legislation is "grasping for the wind".

My country cannot even guard its own boarders, how can it protect the Titanic?
"Why is it the ship beats the waves
when the waves are so many and
the ship is one?
The reason is that ship
has a purpose".

Sir Winston Churchill
Posted on: 2006/10/14 19:23
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Re: us code collection

Joined: 2005/1/2
From United Kingdom
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It doesnt rest souly on what the Americans say, the British, French and Canadian's have a say to. I do not think the code would stop the ship being raised (as everything has a price) but the cost would. If such a venture took place it would be thee most pointless endevour in history. It be FAR cheaper, to build it again then sink it in new york harbour and let the people see it from there!

Ludacris idea
Where the hell did my 1800 posts GO!!!!????? :P
Posted on: 2006/10/14 22:09
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