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  About SS Birma

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About SS Birma

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From Helsinki, Finland
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I've been studying Titanic for some years and now I've started a new chapter in my work... searching information about the liner near the Titanic on the unfortunate night. I've been amazed by the hard work many Titanic enthusiasts have made collecting little pieces of information about the ship and the surroundings, but there still is many questions left unsolved... One of them is concerning the Russian ship SS Birma that was near the Titanic that evening. I have found out information about it like the weight etc. But I can not find any specific information about it's route that night and days after the tragedy of the Titanic! I know Birma sailed between Libau and New York and that it was in New York April 7 1912 and after that in New York again, April 19 1912. Was Birma really in New York those days and what happened between those two dates?

The reason for my questions is the internet page where I got this information; it states that California was in New York April 15 1912, which can't be true because California was near the Titanic on the night of the tragedy April 14/15 1912 and could not have sailed in few hours to New York the very same day!!! As I recall Carpathia arrived to NY the next thursday, April 18.

What really happened? Who was and where? And where these liners went after April 15 1912?
When you know where you came, you'll know where you're going.
Posted on: 2006/11/23 22:33
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