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  hMMMM, it SAID this site had conspiracy thrys.

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  •  ADAMC
hMMMM, it SAID this site had conspiracy thrys.

Joined: 2007/6/4
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Ok, I just read the very silly notion that the name plates were switched. This is such an amaturish attempt at making a conspiracy theory, as to not even merrit ANY discussion, much less a serious one.

Now, about 17 years ago, my Car mechanic relayed a very intelligent theory, but I can't remember all the details. showed how diabolical the world is, how greed can drive anyone to anything.

Anyway, perhaps someone who's heard a similar version, can refer me to where I can read the all the details.

Basically, the theory was that The owner of the Whitestar line, wanted to Kill Astor, and other business rivals . .. as well as make a buck.

So, faulty steel was used, the lifeboat number was deleberaty limited (knowing that woman and children would go first, and not enough for Astor, or the other men he wanted to kill)
AND, of course the watertight doors, only went up so high.
He ordered the captain to go full speed (under threat of losing the job, obstensively to break the record for passage) And had the route go through Iceberg-invested waters, knowing that any hit would tear through the poor-quality steel, and that there would not be enough lifeboats for the men.

MOREOVER, many valuable items of precious jewelry that were insured (and supposed to be in the ship's safe) were NOT on board.

Thus, in one f ell swoop, The guy collects insurance on items still in his possession, insurance on the ship, and kills all his business rivals, with all the evidence in water's too deep for the technologyh of the day . . to ever find.

Of course, to add to the chances of success, He made sure that the rumors of "unsinkibility" were kept going, to further insure that the captain would go along with the speed, since even if they hit one . . they were "unsinkable"

Oh yeah, it was also arranged that the watches did NOT have the binoculers.

Pretty stinking diabolical, N'est pas?

Who's heard of this?

Posted on: 2007/6/4 21:43
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  •  redairborne22
Re: hMMMM, it SAID this site had conspiracy thrys.

Joined: 2007/1/30
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Well, I must say that's a new one on me. Couple problems with that though...

1) If the plan was to turn INTO iceberg-infested waters, why did Capt Smith turn farther SOUTH, thinking he was missing the mass ice flow?

2) The insurance would have presented a problem, since most of the claims took almost 3 years to settle after the disaster, and MOST for under what the items claimed were worth.

3) And really, what are the chances you're gonna purposly build a ship out of half-ass steel, HOPING all your enemies are going to be on it at the same time (during iceberg season no less) so you can sink it?

I'm not trying to blast the theory, just a couple questions it makes me ask.
Posted on: 2007/6/7 18:44
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