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  Did the sinking of the Titanic make ships safer today? .:Help Please:.

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Did the sinking of the Titanic make ships safer today? .:Help Please:.

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Okay I have no idea what fourm I should post this in, so If this is in the wrong forum please move it or tell me where to move it. So I am in a public Speaking class and I need to write a seven minute long persuasive speach. I decided to go with Titanic since I am fascinated with her, and I didnt really want to research a topic that I didn't know anything about. So I am trying to persuade my teacher and class that the sinking of Titanic made ships safer. For one they added enough lifeboats for all of their passengers, and the International Ice patrol was formed. I also know that they required that the radios on the ships were to be on at all times and to be monitored. I need help, because I know that there are alot more things that happened because of the Titanic sinking to help make ships safer, but I am unsure to what they all are. The ones I listed above are the major ones that I know of. If you have any links to video clips or news articles that could help me would you be so kind and post them for me?

Thank you.
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Posted on: 2008/11/24 20:29
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