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  April 10,2005 marks 93rd anniversary maiden vovage of Titanic

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  •  Captain_Jack
April 10,2005 marks 93rd anniversary maiden vovage of Titanic

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The Titanic sailed out of Southampton, England on it's maiden voyage on April 10, 1912. There was a short run to Cherbourg, France where more passengers embarked and then on to Queenstown, Ireland the following day. Passengers and mail was put aboard via two tenders from ashore and then the Titanic was on her way toward New York. Upon sailing from Queenstown, there were 2,208 passengers and crew aboard. The guests consisted of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class or steerage passengers.

The voyage was uneventful at first and everyone settled into their own routines. Many of the passengers made good use of their time using the gymnasium or library for recreation and relaxation. Some other popular places for people of 1st class to meet was the parisien cafe, the palm room, the 1st class smoking room or the Louis XV Lounge. A game of squash was only 50 cents while a Turkish bath was $1.00. To send a wireless message through the Marconi office was $3.12. There was also a library and a smoking room for the 2nd class passengers.

The sea was calm and the wind was described as "fresh" on the daily chart observed by the passengers during the 1st few days of the cruise. It was clear and cold and therefore not many people stayed on deck too long.

From noon on Thursday to noon on Friday the Titanic traveled 386 miles, Friday to Saturday 519 miles, and Saturday to Sunday 546 miles.

On Sunday morning, April 14th, there was a church service held in the 1st class dining saloon by the purser. It was attended by Captain Smith and many 1st and 2nd class passengers. That evening at 8:30 p.m., approximately 100 passengers attended a hymn sing-a-long, presided over by Reverend Ernest Carter. The singing lasted until about 10:00 when the stewards arrived with bisccuits and coffee before going off duty. Reverend Carter ended the evening with a word of thanks to the purser who arranged the use of the saloon and a wish for happiness and safety for the remainder of the voyage. It is reported that he said, "the 1st time that there have been hymns sung on this boat on a Sunday evening, but we trust and pray it won't be the last."

Throughout the day, wireless reports were coming into the Titanic from various ships of ice being sited in many areas. It was not unusual for that time of year and the extent of the ice was not reported in those early messages. Later in the day they did get reports of ice in larger quantities and ice fields. The one very vital report came through at 9:40 p.m. from the Mesaba stating"Ice report in Latitude 42° N., to 41° 25' N. Long.49° to Long.50° 30' W. Saw much heavy pack pack ice, and a great number large icebergs. Also field ice. Weather good. Clear." This message never made it to the bridge, due to the Marconi operators working wireless messenges to Cape Race(a radio relay station in Newfoundland) for the wealthy paeesengers of the ship. Officer Lightoller reported later, "That delay proved fatal and was the main contributory cause to the loss of that magnificent ship and hundreds of lives."
Posted on: 2005/4/7 19:10
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  •  Johno
Re: April 10,2005 marks 93rd anniversary maiden vovage of Titanic

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Titanic, the name sounds so special

My family are huge fans of the ship and we will be celebraing that day with huge respect for it
Posted on: 2005/4/10 19:26
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