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  christie's selling titanic artifacts

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christie's selling titanic artifacts
I heard on the news tonight that christie's auction house is auctioning off titanic artifacts....the us signed a treaty making the titanic a memorial
"Under the agreement, the Titanic is designated as an international maritime memorial, recognizing the men, women, and children who perished in the icy waters of the Atlantic 92 years ago and whose remains it entombs.

Any country that signs the agreement pledges to prevent its citizens and vessels from making unregulated, illegal dives to the wreck or selling artifacts from it. It also ensures that artifacts from the Titanic are collected and curated in accordance with current scientific standards and kept intact and available to the public as a collection. "
Brian Handwerk
for National Geographic News
June 18, 2004

I don't think this is right....i wouldn't like someone digging up my grandmother and then selling off her jewerly....i think it is the same thing
Posted on: 2006/5/26 23:40
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Re: christie's selling titanic artifacts

Joined: 2006/3/30
From Orange, VA (U.S.A.)
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I agree with you on that, slicker93! Titanic IS a grave and for that reason, Nothing should be auctioned off to collectors. Sending artifacts to museums is one thing, but to SELL them to anyone, is flat out DISRESPECTFUL! I've seen some of the Christie's Auctions on tv, and I liked them. But to hear this about Christie's, just tears me up inside!

I'm STRONGLY against anything being taken from the Titanic wreck! So you can imagine what I feel about Christie's selling off Titanic artifacts!

May they (and Titanic) rest in piece!
Robert Aviles - rip1912
Posted on: 2006/5/27 4:23
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Re: christie's selling titanic artifacts

Joined: 2004/7/1
From Delaware, United States
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Another persons attempt at making money off of a tragedy. It's disgusting how some people think of nothing but a profit. As mentioned in previous posts, I strongly agree with leaving Titanic alone. The wreck site is a fitting memorial and monument to those who lost their lives in the disaster. Repeated salvage attempts have slowly taken their toll on the bow of the Titanic, altering it's appearence faster than it should have. That is truly a shame.
Mark Passwaters
Posted on: 2006/5/27 15:34
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