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  RMS Titanic Ballard's find a treasure for ship hunter?

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RMS Titanic Ballard's find a treasure for ship hunter?

Joined: 2007/5/11
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I have read in an article that since the last time Dr.Ballard discovered the Titanic and it's where abouts is fastly falling a part. Not by just the salt in the ocean but by other collectors who still attempt to salvage what they can from it. Is'nt the Titanic protected by law as a memorial grave site for those who lost there lives? I have no respect for thos who continue to salvage this ship for there own greed. I believe it's time for the salvage people to move on and leave this grave site alone in peace!!
Posted on: 2008/5/19 23:49
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      MGY Friend
Re:RMS Titanic

Joined: 2006/7/7
From New Mexico, USA
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As much as many of us want it, Titanic is not a memorial grave site any more than any other wreck that is lost in international waters.

The only reason we Titanic buffs make a big deal about this is because we have a personal affection to Titanic. There are pleanty of other lost ships out there that have been salvaged and we do not make a sound of protest about (The Lusitania for one).

Ballard makes a point that submersables are causing some damage on Titanic's brittle deck structure (especially the one that destroyed the crows nest when they ripped off the running light).

However, the iron eating bacteria are extracting the iron from the steel at such a high rate, its almost impossible to calculate what exactly is caused by the subs, and what is just natural corosion. I read somewhere that up to 20 percent of the iron in the bow has been eaten away.
"Why is it the ship beats the waves
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Posted on: 2008/5/20 15:54
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Re:RMS Titanic
its only until recentily that the northern ireland goverment have stoped using the lussitania as target practice!! I dont know why this was done and explains why the lusitania is in such a mess becuase the navey droped bombs and other devices and used her for war game's.

Aswell i agree with MGY about the titanic that is not classed as one its only classed but us titanic buff's that we class it as a war grave area. You see Titanic inc owns the saverging rights to the titanic compared to the rest of the genral public
Posted on: 2008/7/10 12:31
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