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   regret will not raise the Titanic

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regret will not raise the Titanic

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Ahoi Shipmates,
Can it be said that when the Titanic sank the world became a better place? The sinking of the liner led directly to the realisation that icebergs were indeed very dangerous object that deserved our respect and grudging admiration. To have the wherewithall and bouancy to suruptisiouly maintain two thirds of ones gigantic mass under the surface is a skill for which the iceberg can scarcely be given enough credit. Were the Titanic designed to be capable of such a marvelous feat then surely lives would have been saved on the night in question. The following is a first hand account of the thoughts of one passanger who survived the tragedy.

I michael.

The air is crisp and my breath sings larking summersaults over the thinly glistening dew carrying my frightned warbles to the cruel atmosphere. The Ship lurches hugley toward a smirking moon and my salty tears pool and diffuse in my ginger whiskers. Why does it tower so? The hull garishly protrudes from the calmness and whispers its secrets with dry relish. It looks at me with rivetted eyes and implores me to hide its shame below the waves. With a joyful exhulting creak she begins her descent toward her final resting place. At peace at last, the old whore swaggers into retirement, never again to be exposed to the prying eyes of the non-blind.

MMichael lived to a ripe old age but his insight resonates even now. To send a ship of the calibre of Titanic out into the cruel sea with her hull so as exposed as it was, was an exersise in the grossest and cruellest form of folly. Good night old girl you were my favourate strumpet.

Posted on: 2004/12/14 13:26
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