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Re: olympics history

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Hi MGY Friend,

Mark, since you are an expert on the Olympic, did she have two parlor suites like the Titanic? I think it was Cody123 that stated this, I was not sure about this.

I'd call myself 'researcher' -- expert implies knowing everything there is to know, and I am sure I don't.

There are some points about the question that need considering. Both Olympic and Titanic had four 'parlour' suites in first class (in the sense that these suites each had a room exclusively devoted to being a lounge or 'parlour' and did not have any beds in it). On both ships, there were two parlour suites on each side: two on the port side aft of the forward grand staircase (one on B-deck and one on C-deck); and the same for the starboard side. However, Titanic was different in that the B-deck 'parlour suites' had a private promenade deck added (which Olympic's parlour suites never had).

As far as my knowlege goes, The Olympic did not have as many cabins as Titanic. Did this change over the years when she was renovated?

Well, Titanic had more cabins forward on B-deck, and amidships on B-deck she had larger suites than Olympic. There are other changes that could be listed, but the statement is largely correct.

As for later years, Olympic did get some of Titanic's features (like cabins near the aft grand staircase landing on A-deck), and she received new suites (not cabins) *forward* of the grand staircase in 1929 that extended out to the ship's side. Even in 1913, however, some staterooms had become private bathrooms. By the late 1920s many more staterooms had been sacrificed to be converted into private bathrooms, so it's probably fair to say the statement applied even by the 1930s.

Best wishes,

Mark Chirnside, Warwickshire, England.
'RMS Olympic: Titanic's Sister.'
Posted on: 2006/9/25 14:59
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