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Re: olympics history

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Hi MGY friend,

I'm glad I was of some help to you.


MGY Friend wrote:
I have another question if you don't mind. Have you in any of your research came up with an answer for why the White Star Line never enclosed half of the A deck promenade windows on Olympic as they did on Titanic?

I am aware that a 1929 proposal to glass-in the promenade deck on Olympic (following the 1928 glassing-in of Majestic's deck) was discounted on cost grounds, as WSL was stretched financially by then and Olympic's passenger lists were satisfactory so it wasn't worth it.

As for the pre-war period, I think Titanic was partly the answer, yet in light of Olympic's abundant enclosed promenade space on B-deck there was no need for additional enclosed promenade space; and the lifeboats, lowered the length of the boat deck, could be loaded more easily from A-deck when it was open.

If I remember correctly, the company enclosed the windows on Titanic aprarently so that the spray would not reach the 1st class passengers, or something like that.

That's commonly suggested, yes; on the other hand, it also ensured some enclosed promenade space (with B-deck now used for suites), and raised her gross tonnage.

I find this question interesting, since Britannic's promenade also mirrored Titanic's to an extent, including a total enclosure of the aft well deck. If this was such an improvement, and they put it on the last of the trio, why did they pass on Olympic?

Part of the answer lies, again, in differences. Britannic had some enclosed promenade areas on B-deck *forward*, more than Titanic but not as much as Olympic, while she had gantry davits that reduced the need to use A-deck for loading.

Best wishes,

Mark Chirnside, Warwickshire, England.
'RMS Olympic: Titanic's Sister.'
Posted on: 2006/9/25 19:05
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