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Titanic entertainment : Imax preview Ghost of the Abyss
Posted by webmaster on 2004/4/7 19:36:00 (4272 reads)

Well I have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview last week of "Ghosts of the Abyss" James Camerons 3D IMAX film. I thought it was an amazing film. The first 10-12mins were aboard the Russian explorer ship and then going down in the Sub. Bill Paxton was very funny as he is clearly petrified going down. The Build up of excitement was fabulous and I was on the edge of my seat.

I was amazing to see the bow of Titanic coming out of the darkness and out of the screen at you! The lighting of the Titanic was excellent and you can see her so well. I really was like how you would expect it look if you were there.

The next bit of excitement comes when they fly the remote subs into Titanic. I will not say too much as I could not do it justice and also the excitement of seeing where they go is wonderful.

Throughout the film James Cameron uses CGI to show you what part of the ship you are looking at. At some points you see the parts of the ship that are no longer there and at other times he places people on the desks etc. I thought this might seem quite ghoulish but in fact it works reasonably well.

During one of the dives the September 11 attacks occur and when James C et al return to the surface there is at some discussion and reflection about this. This is all well and good but I don't know about one guy�s comments.... I will say no more.

James C also uses some scenes from Titanic (the externals of the sinking) and tells a somewhat biased account of Titanic. I think he makes Lightoller out to be a little reprehensible and Murdoch a hero, responsible for the majority saved that night.

Overall I thought is was the best IMAX Film I have ever seen, and I have seen loads. The images of Titanic's exterior we have all seen before, but in 3D it is like seeing it for the first time again. The interior shots of the ship are incredible, that all there is to say on that. The lighting is truly wonderful. Bill Paxton is very good and is certainly naturally funny in his unscripted role. The overall story that is told is reasonable but we should have spent more time underwater.... perhaps James Cameron is saving footage for Ghost of the Abyss II.

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