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Titanic exploration : Ballard at Seacoast science
Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/1 19:30:00 (4100 reads)

Ballard is trying to use the seacoast science center to teach students, about what is beneath the ocean and not on top by submerging into it. ; this technology is called Immersion Theatre is already installed at Mystic aquarium, Ballard's home base.

As well as you may already know, Ballard is the person credited for finding the wreck of the Titanic. He is trying to bring his methods and technologies towards the center.

From press messages, we can conclude that this program will be called "Immersion Theatre"

He'll use high technology internet cameras to stream the video towards a comfortable learning space, which is not sure yet if it is going to be a computer or presentation screen.

The students will be able to live trough a expidition as if it hapend in real life together with the scientists.

Seacoast science center and Ballard hopes to attract more students to do what ballard does best "Deep see exploration."

Seacoast science center's website can be found here

They are working on a grant of a million us$ from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) link

Ballard, founder and president of the Institute for Exploration at the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration in Mystic, Conn., said his aquarium has the Immersion Theatre technology and runs six student shows a day.

Recently Ballard's company invested another $52 into Mystic to expand it.

Seacost staff: "It’s really hard to get people excited about someplace they can’t see," said Lull, referring to the difficulties of protecting of oceanic environments. "If we can take them there and show them that (environment) then they will become excited."

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