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Titanic entertainment : Kate Winslet is not comfortable with her stardom
Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/5 9:05:00 (5961 reads)

London: Kate Winslet is one modest actress, as the Titanic star reportedly finds it 'strange' when people refer to her as a 'star'.

"I never even thought about being in movies, and certainly not being a movie "star". People will come up to me in Tesco and say, 'Excuse me, but you are her, aren't you?'.And I have to take a minute and think, hang on, what are they asking? And then I say, 'Ooh! Yes! I think so! I think I am who you think I am," she was quoted by Elle magazine as saying.

The actress also revealed that despite her stardom, she still loves to do domestic chores, even at the cost of getting injured. "I was loading the washing machine. And I stood up and I thought, 'Now. That's not right. Then it got worse'," she added.

Kate also said that unlike other celebs , she did not appoint any maternity nurses for her son.

"We didn't have maternity nurses or any of that stuff because I've never been one for personal trainers or any of those extra bits that you imagine a celebrity would have.'," she said.ANI

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 Re: Kate Winslet is not comfortable with her stardom

Posted: 2005/4/26 13:47  Updated: 2005/5/3 15:04

2007 gangsta gurrrrl

Joined: 2005/4/26
From: home!! im finally home!!!
Posts: -1
i like kate. i thought you really have to be special to be a star, like: beautiful, complete confidence etc. but kate is so narmal. yes she is beautiful and an incredible actress, but she is a regular person. i mean, she doesn't even like being a star!

 Re: Kate Winslet is not comfortable with her stardom

Posted: 2004/10/10 0:56  Updated: 2004/10/10 17:48


Joined: 2004/10/9
From: ontario canada
Posts: -1
I like this girls additude. she acts like a year normal person.
not only is she a great actress but a great person unlike most snoby actors/actresses.

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