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Titanic attractions : Titanic Quarter is northern ireland's most popular film location
Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/24 17:55:00 (7095 reads)

The birthplace of RMS Titanic, now known as Titanic Quarter, a 185 acres of reclaimed Harland & Wolff docklands, offers a competitive and unique environment as a potential film location. Film and television productions, some of which are listed below, have been filmed at Titanic Quarter and in the historic buildings on the site including the former Harland & Wolff HQ building and Drawing Offices. These magnificent buildings offer exceptional bespoke filming surroundings. Titanic Quarter is also at an advantage as it is located within close proximity to Belfast City Centre and all major transport links including Belfast City Airport, which is only a 5 minute drive.

Andrew Reid, Head of Production at Northern Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission says ''As a location the Titanic Quarter offers a unique and exciting opportunity for the media sector to utilise the rich heritage of the former shipbuilding land and structures associated with the construction of the White Star liners RMS Titanic and Olympic ''.

Director: John Furse
Writers: John Furse & Brian Keenan with John McCarthy

Blind Flight is the sole authorised film version of the story of Brian Keenan and his capitivity with John McCarthy as hostages in Beruit during the late 1980s and early 1990's.


Writer: Barry McEvoy

Director: Barry Levinson

This comedy set in 1980's Belfast is the story of competing barbers; one Catholic, the other Protestant who team up to corner the toupee market in Northern Ireland.

Writer & Director: Terence Ryan

Ireland 1924. Following the partition of the country the new Boundary Commission has been charged with defining the route of the border. They decide it would be expedient if all the Commissioners held a red pencil on the map and everyone pull on it to mark out the last section of the border. With a great deal of pushing and shoving, Ireland is divided. Unfortunately, in their haste, they cut the village of Puckoon in two, one half of the village is in the North, the other in the South. Within days border posts and barbed wire fences are set up, causing mayhem.

Writer & Director: Terry Loane

Based on the play JOHNJO MICKYBO, the film tells the story of two boys who become friends at the start of the Troubles in 1970. In the summer of 1970, Belfast's lines of division were still being drawn. The city was becoming overshadowed by hatred and fear. This story is not about those things. It is about childhood, friendship, and being a cowboy.

Writer & Director: John Simpson

An ultra-paranoid murder suspect videotapes his every waking and sleeping moment so he'll have a rock solid alibi if he's ever accused of another crime, but when the police do come calling, the one tape that could prove his innocence of a new killing has mysteriously disappeared

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