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Titanic entertainment : Titanic - Made In Belfast 2005
Posted by strider_uk on 2005/2/7 1:13:54 (27295 reads)

The 4th annual Titanic event will run from Sat. 26th March to Sat. 2nd April 2005 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
For more details, click the link below. ( it's a pdf file, 2.5mb, so may take a while to load)

Belfast has been referred to as “… no mean city” and it
would be quite justifiable to say “Titanic was no mean ship
from no mean city”. As the 19th Century ebbed into the
20th, Belfast was a site of economic and industrial power whose
sphere of influence was more global than local. The Titanic was the
biggest man-made moving object of its day and sailed away from
Belfast to the cheers of Belfast citizens, proud of this magnificent
achievement. For many years, the disaster that befell the ship was
felt deeply in the city of her birth and her name was synonymous
only with the tragedy. At long last, Belfast is reclaiming her pride in
the construction of the ship and the craftsmanship of the
workforce. At this week long TITANIC – MADE IN BELFAST event, the
story of Titanic and her part in the rich cultural and industrial
heritage of the city is being re-discovered for citizens of the new
21st Century.
TITANIC – MADE IN BELFAST will be officially opened on Saturday 26th March
at 10am in Belfast City Hall, by the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Tom
Ekin and one of Belfast’s oldest citizens, John Parkinson, President of the
Belfast Titanic Society, who, in 1912, saw Titanic sail away from the city.

Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
Great Hall, City Hall
Admission free, no ticket required
Though Titanic was on the world scene
for only 13 days, there is little known
of her three years of building here,
not only in the wider world, but in the city
itself. The Titanic At Home Exhibition
seeks to bring that story into its proper
place in the Titanic saga.
It is an exhibition, not only about the ship
but about the city where Titanic was created
on paper, constructed in steel and
completed with pride. It is about the
people, at all levels of society in the
thriving, growing city, who contributed to
the magnificent technological achievement
that was Titanic and her sister ships,
Olympic and Britannic. It is the story of the
shipyard, which, in 1912, was the biggest
shipyard in the world.
The Exhibition will also reflect what life was
like on board this magnificent ship.
Saturday 26th March to
Saturday 2nd April
(10am-6pm )
Banqueting Hall, City Hall
Admission free, no ticket required
In 1538 Queen Elizabeth 1 received her
first report of Belfast from her Lord
Deputy in which he remarked that it
appeared to be a very suitable place for
shipbuilding. Nevertheless it was not until
the arrival of William Ritchie from Scotland
in 1791 that shipbuilding, as an industry,
really got established. Surprisingly, given
the lack of raw materials and expertise, the
industry grew until, at the beginning of the
20th Century, Belfast was renowned world
wide for the quantity … and quality … of its
ships. This exhibition charts the rise and
fall of shipbuilding and shipping in the Port
of Belfast. Ship models and drawings from
the various ages, on loan from, amongst
others, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum
and Harland & Wolff, enable the visitor to
view the impressive development and
evolution involved…right up to 2003 when
the last ship built here was launched.
Thousands of workers were employed in
shipbuilding and their memories are shared
with us in an invaluable archive, ‘The Shipyard
Memory Wall’. The Shipyard Memory Wall is an
opportunity for everyone to celebrate the rich
heritage of the shipyard. Former shipyard
workers, their families, old residents of East
Belfast, shop keepers and other workers hold
a wealth of invaluable archive material about
the life and times of the shipyard. This display is
collated by Red Lead Arts.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(10am-12.30pm and 2.30pm-6pm
- film shown every 30mins)
Reception Hall, City Hall
Admission free, no ticket required
Titanic has been seen on the silver
screen since 1912, the year of the
sinking, when the first ever film about
her was produced, with a survivor playing
the lead. There have been numerous films
and documentaries in the intervening years
but film of the ship herself is very rare. Take
this opportunity to view rare footage of the
ship and the aftermath of the sinking, from
film thought lost but re-discovered in the
not so distant past. This little piece of
history lasts for 30 minutes.

Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(10am-6pm )
Rotunda, City Hall
Admission free, no ticket required
The Titanic Story has intrigued
children of all ages for decades.
Belfast City Council has invited
schools from places touched by Titanic to
take part in the Schools Initiative and to
display their efforts as part of the TITANIC –
MADE IN BELFAST celebrations. Those
invited to take part are from Belfast, her
home, Liverpool, her place of registry,
Southampton, from where she set sail and
Cobh, in Co Cork, her last port of call.
All the work will be on display in the City
Hall, during the event.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
Rotunda and Great Hall, City Hall
Admission free, no ticket required
This exhibition takes as its inspiration
the 20th Century ship building boom
that saw the emphasis shift from cargo
vessels to luxury liners. Titanic is the ship
that, probably more than any other,
symbolises and embodies the aspiration of
the time. Thompson Dock, the graving
dock or dry-dock, where these ships were
fitted out, is now in a state of dereliction
due to the demise of the shipbuilding in
the city.
Thompson Dock, then the largest dry dock in
the world, was built especially for the
Olympic Class liner, of which Titanic was the
second. Furnished with forgotten icons, wall
paintings and hieroglyphics, the cut granite
and keystones bear witness to the craftsmen
who built it and the entrances and terraces to
those who toiled daily in its confines. Like an
archaeological dig the photographs peel back
layer upon layer to reveal the artefacts of a
disappearing culture.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(11am-6pm )
City Hall
Admission free, no ticket required
To bring the story alive and to create
the atmosphere of Belfast at the turn
of the 19th Century, characters in
period costume will gather in the City Hall,
at various times. There will be four minidramas,
recreating snapshots in time of the
Titanic story, both here in Belfast and also
on board the ship. These will reflect on how
the shipyard workers’ family, the workers
themselves, both manual and management
and the owners of the yard coped with life,
and building the biggest ship in the world,
at that time. What must the passengers who
sailed on this wonderful creation have felt?
Be transported back to 1912 by
eavesdropping into the various interactions.
28th & 30th March, 1st & 2nd April
(10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm )
City Hall
Bring along your own piece of Titanic history and
have it valued!
Titanic spent more time in Belfast than
anywhere else and, as most of the
White Star Liners were built in
Belfast, there may be many artefacts out
there treasured all these years by the families
that own them.
Henry Aldridge and Son, of Devizes in
Wiltshire, are the world's leading auctioneers
of Titanic and White Star Line Memorabilia
and their experts will be available to cast a
knowledgeable eye over these local, perhaps
never seen before, items.
Please note that only small handheld items can be viewed
and valued. For further information please contact Henry
Aldridge & Son on 01380 729199.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(11am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm -
tour lasts approximately 1 1/4 hours)
Donegall Quay
Tickets £5, available from the Belfast
Welcome Centre
The shipyard, where Titanic was built,
no longer reverberates to “the song of
the hammers” … the sound of
thousands of men building ships of steel, to
sail the world. What remains of that era can
be seen and appreciated from, no better
place, the water itself. A boat trip from
Donegall Quay to the gates of the
Thompson Dock, with the history being
retold by an experienced guide, is a very
special experience.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(11am and 2pm - tour lasts
approximately 2 hours)
Leaving from City Hall
Tickets £5, available from Belfast
Welcome Centre
In April 1861, Edward Harland and
Gustav Wolff first entered into formal
partnership and Harland and Wolff was
created. At its peak, it was the biggest
shipyard in the world and employed more
than 30,000 people. Titanic’s keel was laid
in March 1909 and she sailed away to
prepare for her maiden voyage on 2nd April
1912. An experienced guide will take you back
in time, to the route taken by those
thousands of shipyard workers as they made
their way into work, along Queen’s Road,
through the Time Offices and onto the
Titanic slipway. The Drawing Offices where
the plans were drawn up, under the expert
guidance of Thomas Andrews, can still be
viewed. The final stop is at the Thompson
Dry Dock and the Pump House.
The tour lasts approximately two hours, and we suggest
you have appropriate footwear and clothing.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(Daily at 2pm - tour lasts
approximately 40 minutes)
From Titanic Memorial, City Hall
Tickets £2, available from Belfast
Welcome Centre
There is still much of Belfast, which, if
he came back today, Thomas Andrews
would recognise. When designer of
Titanic, Thomas Andrews and his young
wife, Helen, set up home in the city in
1908, it was a thriving, bustling industrial
city, so different from the market town it
had developed from. Helen would have
enjoyed shopping in the very grand
Robinson and Cleaver department store,
with, perhaps, afternoon tea in the Grand
Central Hotel. Allow yourself to be taken
back to that elegant age by your very
experienced guide.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(Daily at 4pm - tour lasts
approximately 40 minutes)
City Hall
Free admission but ticket required.
Available from the Belfast Welcome
Lord Pirrie was Chairman of Harland &
Wolff when Titanic was conceived and
built. He was also an ex-Mayor of
Belfast, and was created the first Freeman of
the new city. The splendour and grandeur
displayed so proudly and created so
magnificently by the craftsmen of Belfast in
the interiors of City Hall were reflected in
the public rooms onboard Titanic.
Indeed, a visit to the Stone Titanic is not to
be missed.
Access information: Ramps front and rear with
access by lift to all floors. Induction loop system at
Reception and in main rooms. Staff trained in Sign
Language (BSL).
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(Open daily, times vary)
Lagan Weir
Admission charges, Adult £1.50,
Children £0.75, Family £4.00,
OAP £1.00
For further information and bookings
please contact: 028 9031 5444
The Lagan Lookout Visitor Centre is an
interpretive centre for the Laganside
area and provides an accessible and
informative venue to find out more about
Belfast’s past and its rise into today’s modern
city. A visit to the Lookout will provide you
with information on the growth of Belfast
over the last 300 years, from its beginning as
a trading port, following its rise through
Victorian times and the Industrial Revolution.
An attraction of the Lookout is a five foot
replica of the world famous, RMS Titanic.

Saturday 26th March to
Wednesday 30th March
(Daily at 1pm)
Reception Hall, City Hall
Free admission but ticket required.
Available from the Belfast Welcome
There will be a series of illustrated
presentations, given by various
speakers, on different aspects of
The History of Shipping and Shipbuilding in Belfast.
Each presentation will last for approximately
1 hour. Topics to be included are:
Saturday 26th March 2005
‘The Ritchie Brothers and the start of
modern ship building in Belfast’
An informative talk by Councillor
Nelson McCausland, MLA
Commercial shipbuilding has been a
permanent feature of Belfast from the late
1700’s, when William Ritchie transferred
his Scottish business to the town of Belfast.
This talk will focus on the Ritchie brothers
and the development of ship building
in Belfast.
Sunday 27th March 2005
‘The Auld Hand’
Grass root memories of the Harland &
Wolff shipyard and Titanic through the
medium of poetry from Albert Haslett a
retired shipyard worker, in conjunction
with East Side Arts.
Monday 28th March 2005
‘The Wee Yard’
An illustrated presentation by John Lynch and
Brian Walker recounting the history of the Workman
Clark shipyard.
One of Britain’s leading shipbuilders yet
often forgotten when discussing
shipbuilding in Belfast. Who were Frank
Workman and George Clarke? What ships
did they build? Who did they build ships
for? And why did they go bankrupt? Find
out the answers to all of these questions and
more at this enlightening presentation.
Tuesday 29th March 2005
‘Boats and Hats’
An illustrated talk by William Austin and George
McAllister, with memories and stories of the shipyard.
Retired former workers from the shipyard
both men started work in the 1940s. They
will recall their time at Harland & Wolff,
known throughout the city as 'the Yard’.
Wednesday 30th March 2005
“Back to Titanic”
An illustrated talk by Glenn Reimer who works for
Partisan Pictures, New York City.
Glenn accompanied Dr Robert Ballard, who
first discovered the wreck of Titanic, back to
the site, as co-producer of a live broadcast
for National Geographic Channel, from the
middle of the North Atlantic.
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March
(11am-5pm, on the hour - sessions last
approximately 30 minutes)
Council Chamber, City Hall
Free admission but ticket required.
Available from the Belfast Welcome
The art of storytelling is not dead but
enjoyed by children everywhere. The
storytelling is especially for children, to
allow them to escape into the realm of fantasy,
into the myths and legends built up around the
fascinating story of Titanic. This experience is
suitable for those aged from four to ten ... but
should delight children of all ages.
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March
(1.30pm - 4.30pm)
Queen’s Quay
Admission free, no ticket required.
Queuing possible and restricted access may apply
The return for a third year of a naval
vessel, offering the opportunity for
visitors to get a taste of life at sea.
Venture to Queen’s Quay where you will
board the ship and experience the unique
environs of a naval vessel.
Monday 28th March to Friday 1st April
(10am and 2pm - tour lasts
approximately 3 hours)
Alexandria Dock
Admission free but ticket required.
Available from the Belfast Welcome
Pre-booking essential (numbers limited to 16 per tour)
The Royal Naval vessel HMS Caroline, a
light cruiser laid down in 1914 (just 18
months after Titanic sailed), is the only
surviving warship afloat from the World War 1
Battle of Jutland. Now the Headquarters of
the Royal Navy Reserve in the Province,
Caroline has been in Belfast since 1924. This is
a working vessel so access is limited and for
operational reasons, photographic ID will be
required at the time of the visit. Please wear
appropriate clothing and footwear as the tour
can involve ladders.
Saturday 26th March to Saturday 2nd April
(11.30am-4.30pm )
Abercorn Basin
Admission free, no ticket required.
Queuing possible and restricted access may apply
The HMRT Golden Cross is one of Britain’s
oldest fully operational Standby
Rescue vessels. The tug celebrates her
50th Anniversary in 2005 and visitors will
have the opportunity to encounter the
inimitable surroundings of this tug which
has so far saved over 60 ships, 3 oil rigs and
over 350 lives in her lifetime.
In addition a Sea King helicopter from the
Royal Air Force Search & Rescue will arrive
over the Abercorn Basin, on Monday 28th
March at 1.00pm, to carry out a Search &
Rescue demonstration. This display will be
subject to weather conditions on the day and
operational priorities.
Saturday 2nd April
From Central Station - times to be
confirmed upon booking
Tickets £5 concessions, £7 adults, available
from the Belfast Welcome Centre
Admission to Ulster Folk and Transport
Museum is included in the train ticket cost
Sample Edwardian style train travel from
Belfast Central Station to Cultra for the
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum to
bring you back to the time when Titanic was
built. A preserved steam locomotive hauls
your train consisting of carriages recently
restored to a period style. Co-ordinated by
the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland.
Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th March
(7.00pm - performance lasts 2 hours,
including interval)
Council Chamber, City Hall
Tickets £5, available from Belfast
Welcome Centre
A Ceoltóirí Loch Lao production directed by Patrick Davey
This concert of traditional Irish music
with a maritime theme uses a variety of
music, visuals and narration to tell the
story of some important events in the history
of Belfast Lough, as seen through the eyes of
The Blackbird of Belfast Lough.
The music and songs will be performed by the
young musicians of Ceoltóirí Loch Lao, using
a wide variety of instruments including tin
whistles, flutes, uilleann pipes, harps, guitars,
fiddles, bodhráns, concertinas and vocals.
Thursday 31st March at 7.00pm
Venue and admission details to be
confirmed upon booking
Tickets available from Belfast Welcome
Produced by ITV-Granada, the Premiere showing of
‘Titanic-Birth of a Legend’ will be screened with a
limited audience
Most people know how Titanic met
her tragic end but very few know of
how she came to be constructed, and
of the Belfast men who built her. ‘Titanic-
Birth of a Legend’ tells the story of the
building of Titanic, using drama, rare
archive footage and computer graphics to
recreate the life and times of those men in
the early 20th Century. The programme
reflects the incredible achievement of the
workforce at Harland and Wolff and the
vision of men like Thomas Andrews and
William Pirrie. Through the programme,
follow every stage of Titanic’s development
and construction until she finally sails down
Belfast Lough.
Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd April
(7.00pm - performance lasts 1 1/4 hours)
Reception Hall, City Hall
Tickets £5, available from Belfast Welcome
A Red Lead Arts production with music by Maurice Leyden.
Explore Belfast’s rich industrial heritage
and leap back in time through film and
re-enactments to when Belfast led the
world in the industrial pioneering of ship
building, linen manufacturing and rope
Witness filmed interviews of individuals
working in various industries tell their story of
life at work. Re-enactments will provide a
wonderful opportunity to hear and see the
shared history in a wealth of stories that
circulate the city.

Saturday 2nd April
Café Parisián, Odyssey Pavilion
Each year the Belfast Titanic Society
hosts a Formal Dinner in memory of
Titanic. This year, Captain Smith will
start guests on a voyage of discovery and
during the evening will introduce characters
involved in the Titanic saga. These will
include such personalities as Lookout
Fredrick Fleet, who gave warning of the
iceberg and Thomas Andrews who designed
the ship. With food and music reflecting the
era and guests in period costume or Black
Tie, this will be an ‘Evening to Remember’.
Tickets are £50 per person. Please book
early to avoid disappointment.
For information and bookings please contact the Belfast
Titanic Society on 028 9147 0029.
Saturday 26th March to
Saturday 2nd April
Open daily
Odyssey Pavilion,
Queen’s Quay
Odyssey Pavilion and Titanic Bar &
Grill are delighted to welcome White
Star Line Memories to the complex,
the perfect chance to grab a cup of coffee
and purchase a Titanic souvenir.
Titanic Bar & Grill takes you on a trip back
in time to 1912 where amongst the Titanic
memorabilia on display is a set of tools that
were used by James Carnaghan, a carpenter
at Harland & Wolff while building the
Titanic and a copy of the Northern Whig
Newspapers from 1912.
Its design has a ship’s feel to it with a fine
display of Titanic and maritime
memorabilia. The restaurant area offers
huge leather booths featuring photographs
of the Titanic being built which dominate
the room, giving a sense of the sheer scale
of the ship builders’ job. The showpiece is a
giant map charting the journey of the luxury
liner to its final resting place.
Titanic Bar & Grill has something to offer
everyone with a European style menu geared
to meet a wide range of tastes.
Please note the following Titanic related
events occur outside the main TITANIC –
MADE IN BELFAST celebrations but are
also recommended as events not to miss.
Sunday 10th April at 8.00pm
The Strand Cinema, Belfast
Adult £4.00, Concession £3.50
For further information please contact the Belfast Film
Festival on 028 9032 5913
This highly detailed dramatisation of
the infamous maiden voyage of the
Titanic, ‘A Night to Remember’, is being
screened as part of the annual Belfast Film
Festival. From the attendant excitement of
the ship's departure, the narrative proceeds
inexorably to the vessel's sudden collision
with an iceberg in the frozen waters of the
North Atlantic, then painfully recounts the
mad scramble for survival that followed.
The film is based on Walter Lord's book of
the same name.
Friday 15th April at 12 noon
Titanic Memorial, Belfast City Hall
Asimple ceremony commemorating all
the local people who lost their lives
that fateful night will be held at 12
noon on Friday 15th April, the 93rd
anniversary of the sinking. The Lord Mayor
of Belfast, Councillor Tom Ekin,
representing the citizens of the City and
John Parkinson, President of the Belfast
Titanic Society, representing the worldwide
Titanic family, will lay a wreath in memory
of those who died. The wreath will be laid at
the Titanic Memorial, which was built by
public subscription, in the grounds of the
City Hall. All welcome.
Please note: Many of the sites used during the festival
are industrial by nature. Please wear appropriate
footwear and clothing for outdoor weather.
Thank you to Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Belfast
Industrial Heritage Limited, Belfast Titanic Society,
Harland and Wolff, Lagan Legacy, MAGNI, Titanic Bar
& Grill, Titanic Quarter Limited, White Star
Memories, Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and
Henry Aldridge & Son Auctioneers.

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