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Titanic exploration : Nautical Research Group Explores Ways for Preserving the Wrecksite of Titanic
Posted by webmaster on 2005/6/19 13:01:03 (15091 reads)

Nautical Research Group will be returning to explore the wrecksite of RMS Titanic this July. The goal of our scientific research is to examine the deterioration of Titanic and explore mechanisms that would assist in the preservation of the wreck site. The objectives of our study will be to provide comparative photometric examination of the natural decay processes that are occuring on the ship. The crux of this study would involve the analysis of the structural integrity of the ship with emphasis on microbial decay and areas where the steel infrastructure has been compromised. Additionally, we will be looking for evidence of unauthorized visits to Titanic that may have disturbed or damaged the ship.

Nautical Research Group will be diving down to the Titanic utilizing the Russian MIR submersibles that will be launched from the research vessel Akademik Keldysh. Since this expedition is a scientific research venture, at no time will any items be salvaged nor recovered. Additionally, the submersible will take closeup shots of various areas of the ship without ever coming in contact with Titanic. By close-up examinination of Titanic, we can observe its rate of decay and provide vital information that the scientific community can use to protect and preserve the ship.

The Titanic community can follow the daily logs and feeds from the Akademik Keldysh by visiting the corporate weblog at .. Nautical Research Group will be transmitting this information via satellite from the wreck site to the internet beginning on July 6th until the end of the expedition on July 18th. It will take our scientist many months to process the information from this expedition but we will be releasing to the Titanic community some new photographs starting in August. This weblog can be syndicated using RSS, or by direct bookmark access from your browser. Additionally, has provided links to the weblog for your convenience to follow our expedition.

David A. Bright
Nautical Research Group, Inc.

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