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Titanic artifacts : Tiny Titanic shoes from the unknown child
Posted by webmaster on 2005/7/3 21:20:06 (50138 reads)

The shoes that belonged to an "supposedly" unknown child that was found by staff on the rescue ship MacKay-Bennet searching the titanic site for survivors or corpses in 1912 suddenly showed up in Nova Scotia Museum.

Officialy called body number 4 until three years ago when DNA evidence extracted from the corpse prooved otherwise, His name was now Eino Viljami Panula, a 13 month old from Finland who was headed to New York with his mother and four brothers when the titanic struck an iceberg south of newfoundland.

The pair of scuffed, brown leather slippers was quickly shown on stand by the nova scotia museum after "Earl Northover" the grandson of the police that watched over the morgue of that finish child to prevent belongings from being stolen by oppurtinists and bystanders.

Dan Conlin, the Curator in service for Nova Scotia Museum had proved the shoe to be authentic after going thru meticulous research details such as salt water microbes, shoe historicans and other sources to confirm that Earl Nortover partens were really the police that gaurded the morgue.

The curator also told that this find was the most significant in many years, and Earl Northover told that his grandfather would be very happy the shoes are in Halifax again.

The act of Earl Northover is very profound. By giving the artifacts to the museum at no cost it is not only a sign of respect and honesty but willingness to give. It is known that Titanic artifact can grab top dollars at auctions in both UK and USA.

If you know any source that are willing to share the images to please contact us or submit the photos.

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