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Titanic exploration : New debris site 900meter off Titanic wreck site
Posted by webmaster on 2005/8/23 21:39:08 (55109 reads)

LONDON (Reuters) - Explorers have found a previously unknown site scattered with artefacts from the Titanic that could shed new light on the final moments of the world's most famous ocean liner.

"We found a new debris field about 900 metres south of the stern, which supports my long-standing belief that the Titanic began to break apart and sink further south than where she currently sits," expedition leader G. Michael Harris said on Tuesday.

Harris, whose grandfather led the first wave of expeditions in the early 1980s, made the two-and-a-half mile dive with his 13-year-old son through freezing waters in a three-man submersible.

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 Re: New debris site 900meter off Titanic wreck site

Posted: 2006/6/6 9:53  Updated: 2006/6/25 9:56


Joined: 2006/4/23
From: Burton Upon Trent
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it may be a good thing becaee it addes new evidence to the research into titanics history on the accident it cares my ferey it started to flot further south then eriginaly after the accident in 1912 but it world of taken it time to slow down from 21.7 knots to 0 knots so it made my feary correct

 Re: New debris site 900meter off Titanic wreck site

Posted: 2005/9/30 1:18  Updated: 2005/10/1 14:44

Kyle J. W.

Joined: 2005/8/13
From: Crooksville,Ohio and Zanesville,Ohio
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That's great!

 Re: New debris site 900meter off Titanic wreck site

Posted: 2005/9/8 13:21  Updated: 2005/9/11 17:04


Joined: 2005/4/17
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Titanic Revealed?????

Recently, many global media reports have been written about the submersible expedition down to Titanic regarding the finding of keel pieces in a “new debris field” located 900 meters away from the ship's stern. This claimant said he had found previously unseen damaged pieces of the ship's hull that are said to support his theory that the Titanic rode up onto the iceberg before sinking. Unfortunately, the theory that he claims was his and his discovery of hull plating far from Titanic were nothing new to several dedicated Titanic researchers that have been visiting the wreck site for the past six years.

The theory regarding the notion that Titanic was a victim of a grounding was initially introduced immediately following the sinking. In fact, that notion was well publicized as early as 27 April 1912 in a popular English newspaper and has been promoted by several dedicated Titanic researchers in the time since. Among those have been three veteran Titanic divers and Explorers Club members named Robert Williams and famed Arctic submariner Dr. Alfred McLaren, in close collaboration with David Concannon. These explorers have postulated this theory many years ago and have made several dives to Titanic to map out the limits of the debris field and observe hull pieces that lie beyond the immediate vicinity of the ship and known areas of debris. All divers that have been visiting Titanic over the past five years knew that Williams, Concannon and McLaren were gathering additional evidence to their research and had sworn people to utmost secrecy. Obviously this secret was revealed and these noble explorers had their opportunity to reveal the extent of their many years of research and their combined expenditures of many hundreds of thousands of dollars ruined.

In an unprecedented response, Robert Williams has created a website ( ) that will provide the high-level evidence for the work that he is doing at the wreck site of Titanic as well as other deep ocean locations. While looking through this wonderful website, you will be able to see all the amount of hard work that he has contributed in formulating and expanding the "grounding" theory and to also gather definitive evidence that Titanic's rapid influx of water was due to a keel breech indirectly caused by the grounding.

*** Setting the record straight is the right thing to do!

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