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Titanic wireless log
  Posted on Mon 08 Nov 2004 (57901 reads)
Complete Transcript of Robert Hunston's Wireless Document: "The Titanic Disaster as Viewed from Cape Race"
April 14th

10:25 pm (EST) [ 12:15 am on Titanic ]
J.C.R. Goodwin on watch hears Titanic calling C.Q.D. giving position 41.44 N 50.24 W about 380 miles SSE of Cape Race.

10:35 pm
Titanic gives corrected position as 41.46N 50.14W. A matter of 5 or six miles difference. He says "have struck iceberg".

10:40 pm
Titanic calls Carpathia and says "We require immediate assistance". Gray on duty.

10:43 pm
Titanic gives same information to Californian, giving Titanic's position.

10:45 pm
Caronia circulates same information broadcast to Baltic and all ships who can hear him RH on duty.

10:55 pm
Titanic tells German steamer "Have struck iceberg and sinking".

11:00 pm
Titanic continues calling for assistance and giving position.

11:25 pm
Establish communication with Virginian here and give him all information re: Titanic, telling him to inform captain immediately. OK.

11:36 pm
Olympic asks Titanic which way latter steering. Titanic replies "We are putting women off in boats".

11:55 pm
Virginian says he is now going to assistance Titanic. Titanic meanwhile continues circulating position calling for help. He says weather is calm and clear.

April 15th

12:50 am
Virginian says last he heard of Titanic was at 12:27 am when latters signals were blurred and ended abruptly. From now on boats working amongst themselves relative to Titanic disaster. Nothing more heard from Titanic.

2:05 am
First message from New York asking for details. This is followed by about 300 more, chiefly from newspapers to many ships asking for news.

After Daylight
News commences to arrive from ships stating Carpathia picked up 20 boats of people. No word of any more being saved.


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