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Accidents : James Cameron asked for help on oil spill
Posted by webmaster on 2010/6/2 18:22:59 (22364 reads)

Sir. James Cameron is invited by the US government to help authorities with his extensive insight into submarine robotics, an experience that he has gained during Directorship of Titanic Abyss in specific.

The diamond wire saw that was supposed to cut off the mile-long riser from the LMRP (Lower Marine Riser Package) has stuck in the riser this will create another frustrating delay in an attempt to slow down the oil leak.

Our latest sources show that Mr. James Cameron, the director of the Titanic movie and Abyss, Avatar amongst others, was on scene and discussing with a team of top relief officials onto the issues surrounding robotic management due to his extensive experience in this field, from the Titanic movie.

Cutting the riser of the LMRP
Insider sources told us that the environmental office of the whitehouse asked James Cameron to step up to this blockbuster disaster and it seems that it is highly likely that he accepted the offer in some manner however, an official explanation onto what James Cameron role will be is still to be announced.

One has to take into account that Sir. James Cameron actually piloted submarines on a foreign spoken language research ship owned by the Russian government to take video footages well inside the Titanic wreck from 12600 ft. above.

Forsake news - more BP oil spill news

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