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World War I: the Titanic age
  Posted on Tue 14 Dec 2004 (55924 reads)
Given the fact that World War I broke out in the 1910's was undoubtedly a huge and tragic event to take place, People seeking prosperity in the United States crossing the ocean by steam ships oftenly found their relatives in the Europe Mainland to be affected in some manner by the war.

By 1910 the union of South africa was established. Japan annexes Korea and the death of painter William Holman Hunt, writer Mark Twain were announced.

And in 1911 the agadir crisis nearly brings France and Germany into war, Automobiles were started with electrical motors for the first time; Air conditioner was invented. The russian president Peter Stolypin was assasinated.

in the year 1912 the U.S. Public Health service is established, Arizona was to be the 48th state and Titanic sank in april. Woodrow Wilson was elected as the U.S. President.

1913 was promising, the panama canal was completed and gives an idea how important marine transport was even nearly a 100 years ago.
In this same year, Rudolf Diesel died: The inventor of diesel engines.

In 2004 U.S. has given control over the Panama canal back to the Panamanian authorities. given that fact they controlled it for over 90 years.

in 1914, Ireland nearly got it self into a civil war; remember that Titanic was built in belfast, Ireland.. The panama canal is open for service and the beginning of World War I.

in 2004 Ireland is demolishing the peers where titanic was build and leaving only a few landmarks. The name of this project is called Titanic Quarters.

After the war started, many countries in Europe joined the fight and The U.S. got invloved in 1917.

By the time President Woodrow Wilson was elected, it was clear he wanted to keep United States out of World War I, However as Germans persisted on their attacks on American flagged ships, he finaly asked for approval from congres to approve the U.S. to go at war.

The World War I was a total disaster due to the sheer size and technology used, Tanks, Trains, Diesel engine, Rockets, Sub marines, Poisons and trenched warfare prevailed for the first times in history,

It also speeded up the development of industrtialization, one of the most important maritime developments came from the enemies and it is the perfection of the Diesel engine which was invented August the 10th 1893 by Rudolf Diesel. Its strength and reliability were a perfect for marine use due to their high torque at low revolutions per minute.

Some steam ships were refitted with such engines, however the diesel engines were not totally ready for many larger ships for 10 years to come.

Many german ships that were on the U.S. territory at the time of the war: most of them were seized and used for the war.

to be continued...
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 Re: World War I: the Titanic age

Posted: 2005/1/22 23:42  Updated: 2005/1/23 15:22


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I think that President Woodrow Wilson really declared war on Germany because of the sinking of Lusitania . It was really built for speed with its turbine engines. The Titanic wasnt built for speed but for luxury and space. It was something like a Sheraton hotel floating in water, if you ask me. I know I'm just a junior high school student but I have done tremedous reasearch on this ship since the movie came out. So, I think the Lusitania should be included in the article.

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