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  Jack Phillips

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  •  Captain Dan
      Captain Dan
Re: Jack Phillips

Joined: 2007/3/27
From Maryland, United States
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Actually, I'm not making a case for him being a hero (or one for him not being a hero). Until this discussion, I never really thought too much about it.

He is lauded for remaining at his post until minutes before the sinking sending CQD and SOS signals. He died in the sinking. That is all that I have ever heard about him. Presumably, he had as much (or as little) opportunity as other crew members to get to a life boat, but stayed at his post, which is, I suppose, why some people say that he is a hero.

Whether or not that qualifies as 'heroic' is open to interpretation.

Posted on: 2007/4/20 14:20
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  •  Rowan
Re: Jack Phillips

Joined: 2007/4/10
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I guess after the tragedy, anyone who did anything was applauded as being a hero. Like Lightholler, or Bell or many other of the ships crew, he did his job until Capt. Smith gave the everyman for himself order, and the set ran out of power. I'm interested about the marconi men but I wouldn't say he was more of a hero than anyone else. He did his job, plain and simple. Thomas Andrews who could have got into a boat and proved to be an invaluable source of information at the inquest, did nothing to get himself off the ship, he helped otherswith no regard to himself, or Ida and Isador Strauss who would not leave her husbands side.
If you think he's a hero that's fine, I guess it's really a personal thing but for me, I look at the dignity and selflessness that was shown that night for my determination.
Posted on: 2007/4/20 14:44
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  •  Mac G
      Mac G
Re: Jack Phillips

Joined: 2007/4/15
From New York
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Thomas Andrews....I've always thought of him a heroic figure. I believe it's when he left the generator room telling the men of the ships fate. Chief Engineer Bell told him that they'd stay down there as long as they could. When he left, how could he leave the ship knowing these men would remain down at their posts with little change of even seeing the top deck? He made that decision to also be brave like his men and stay on. I also found it heroic he went through the lower decks scurrying passengers to the top deck, closing port holes to give her longer to live. In the end, he went into the first class smoke many said he was in a daze. Probably in shock he'd never see his wife and daughter and the fact the largest and "unsinkable" ship of it's time was foundering on her first voyage with 1,500 souls on board.
"Looked like a rocket sir."

"Yes, I wonder why a ship like that would want to fire a rocket?"

(A Night to Remember, Stone & Gibson)
Posted on: 2007/4/20 20:01
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