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  Mummy's curse

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Re: Mummy's curse

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I heard a version that it was not the actual mummy, but the lid of the princesses mummy case.

I also remember hearing that the same mummy was supposed to be on the "Empress of Ireland" when it sank in 1914.
"Why is it the ship beats the waves
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Posted on: 2008/9/19 15:26
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  •  Jane Catherine
      Jane Catherine
Mummy's curse

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A suggested source of a Titanic "curse" is the Princess of Amen-Ra who lived in 1050 B.C. According to legend after her discovery in the 1890s in Egypt, the purchaser of the mummy ran into serious misfortune. The mummy was donated to the British Museum where it continued to cause mysterious problems for visitors and staff. The mummy was eventually purchased by journalist William Thomas Stead who dismissed the claims as quirks of circumstance; though he did arrange for the mummy to be hidden under the body of his car for fear that it would not be taken aboard the ship because of its reputation. He reportedly revealed to other passengers the presence of the mummy the night before the accident. The mummy itself was placed in the first-class cargo hold. However, eyewitness accounts report that, once the Captain gave the order to abandon ship, the mummy appeared on deck. Repetitive echoes(return the slab) are said to be heard under the icy water and not above deck.<br />-------------------------------<br />catyjane<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank">Guaranteed ROI</a>
Posted on: 2008/9/19 9:21
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