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Navy ships : Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi distress
Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/5 11:52:00 (4174 reads)

The Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi sent a distress call around 5 october 2004 due to fire onboard in the engine room, The latest update shows that one sailor has died as well.
bbc link

It is reported that the Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi was just purchased from britain for about 300 million us$, canadian staff were onboard bringing the ship back from britain to canada while the fire broke out.

Canada was going to install onboard fire systems when they had reached the other side of the oecan.

Fire is a big problem for naval ships and especially submarines, Reportedly 9 persons have been injured in direct effect of smoke inhalation.

The british naval division reported that the canadian vessel had surfaced to rid its smoke, because there are high seas at the moment in that area it will be a rough ride for the canadian staff.

They also said that it could take 24 hours to comply with the distress call on location where the HMCS Chicoutimi had surfaced, Britain has sent out a salvage vessel but other details were are not disclosed at this time.

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 Re: Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi distress

Posted: 2004/10/10 17:21  Updated: 2004/10/10 17:21


Joined: 2004/9/5
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 Re: Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi distress

Posted: 2004/10/10 1:00  Updated: 2004/10/10 17:22


Joined: 2004/10/9
From: ontario canada
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A sailor died in the fire. thats all i know lol!!! o.O

 Re: Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi distress

Posted: 2004/10/6 0:01  Updated: 2004/10/6 0:02


Joined: 2002/10/13
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not so good of a deal that is, but they're both common wealth so i think they'll get out of it without big problems.

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