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Entertainment : DiCaprio hit by beer bottle
Posted by webmaster on 2005/6/27 22:30:16 (28824 reads)

The star Leonardo DiCaprio from the blockbuster hit Titanic was hit by a beer bottle on the forehead above his left eye, A doctor said that such an accident could cause him to die if hit harder or in a different angle.

Leonardo was reported to have required 12 stitches to close the gash according to the People magazine.

The incident allegedly took place at a party hosted by Hollywood restaurant owner Rick Salomon, an ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton.

Ken Sunshine, DiCaprio's publicist released a statement saying, 'While leaving a small private gathering, Leo was attacked by a woman who was trespassing and had repeatedly been asked to leave the property.'

The alleged assailant was reportedly looking for an ex-boyfriend and not DiCaprio when she struck the Academy Award nominated actor in the head with the bottle.

The woman was restrained by other guests at the party and DiCaprio was driven to the hospital by a friend.

The wound was not expected to prevent DiCaprio from continuing to work on his latest project with Martin Scorsese, 'The Departed.'

William Kay

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 Re: DiCaprio hit by beer bottle

Posted: 2006/4/26 18:01  Updated: 2006/6/25 9:57


Joined: 2006/3/24
From: Warrenton, Mo
Posts: -1
grrr....-stupid lady!!!!!!!!

 Re: DiCaprio hit by beer bottle

Posted: 2006/4/24 12:04  Updated: 2006/6/25 9:57


Joined: 2006/4/23
From: Burton Upon Trent
Posts: -1
he deservs it he has taken the glorey of titanics fame and made it into a film the ship is a historical feme it should not be a film
:-D :lol: and he has made the pics of titanic more alessthe film not the real thing the worman did well at hittigh him with a beer bottle

 Re: DiCaprio hit by beer bottle

Posted: 2005/9/22 23:58  Updated: 2005/9/23 21:10

Kyle J. W.

Joined: 2005/8/13
From: Crooksville,Ohio and Zanesville,Ohio
Posts: -1
That must oof hurt a bunch.

 Re: DiCaprio hit by beer bottle

Posted: 2005/9/6 21:40  Updated: 2005/9/22 22:06


Joined: 2005/9/6
From: U.S.A
Posts: -1
that is so not right i hope he is ok and she needs to take a chill pill

 Re: DiCaprio hit by beer bottle

Posted: 2005/7/13 8:29  Updated: 2005/7/13 10:32


Joined: 2005/7/13
Posts: -1
I totally agree with you! How dare she?! It's totally un-called for. It's making a tear come to my eye.

 Re: DiCaprio hit by beer bottle

Posted: 2005/6/30 15:49  Updated: 2005/6/30 22:04


Joined: 2004/7/28
Posts: -1
That woman is crazy! How would she like for me to hit her like that with a beer bottle!?!?!

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