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Posted by Dr Robert B Turcotte on 2007/3/11 19:25:06 (18638 reads)

I'll comment on Mr. Cameron's find of Yeshua's grave and bones. Starting about 60 B..C.E to 60 C.E. a newer form of burial was used in Israel NO coffins were used. Below is a quote regarding the find.

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Posted by webmaster on 2006/8/4 20:15:00 (7973 reads)

Los Angeles Business from bizjournals - 11:44 AM PDT Friday
Full story: Los Angeles Business

A majority of Los Angles Business readers did not think that Disney's "Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest" would beat movies like "Titanic" and "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" to make it to the top of the all-time box office records.

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Posted by webmaster on 2006/7/19 10:16:00 (7069 reads)

Well-wishers applauded the return of SS Nomadic in a welcome ceremony beside the Odyssey Arena yesterday evening.

Blazing sunshine bathed the scene as the historic vessel, mounted high on a submersible barge, took pride of place at the mouth of the River Lagan.

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Posted by webmaster on 2006/7/5 8:19:00 (11932 reads)

A new paraody using real material has been going around and must be shared.

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Posted by webmaster on 2006/4/29 22:36:00 (8233 reads)


A collection of memorabilia from the Titanic is believed to have broken a world record at auction.

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/6/27 22:30:16 (28859 reads)

The star Leonardo DiCaprio from the blockbuster hit Titanic was hit by a beer bottle on the forehead above his left eye, A doctor said that such an accident could cause him to die if hit harder or in a different angle.

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/6/20 18:34:00 (15499 reads)

20 June 2005

Belfast Operatic's ground-breaking production of "Titanic" the Musical has garnered the company five awards in this year's AIMS competition. The 2004-05 season's results were announced at the AIMS annual awards banquet in Killarney on 18 June 2005.

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/1/31 23:46:34 (8608 reads)

17th - 21st May 2005
The Grand Opera House, Belfast

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/11/28 1:32:31 (6718 reads)

James cameron has new SCI-FI plans and the filming of it is planned to be started next spring

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