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Titanic exploration : Update 2005 expedition: the mast has finally collapsed.
Posted by webmaster on 2005/7/21 23:36:50 (40522 reads)

On Monday, we returned from a highly successful scientific research expedition to RMS Titanic. In the course of processing the high quality digital video shot on Titanic last week, two startling observations of note were discovered. As more of this film is processed, I am sure that we will find many new changes to the morphological structure of Titanic.

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The first significant observation was that the mast has finally collapsed in the area above the bell stanchion. In a recent scientific article that will be presented at Oceans 2005 in Washington, DC in September, Nautical Research
Group's 2003 visit revealed a split in on the left side of the mast above the crow's nest with very distinctive crumbling of the metal on the right side of this portion of the mast. In the paper that I will present, the original estimate for the collapse of this section was given as ten years. Last year, Dr. Ballard filmed this area extensively and although they were able to verify our observations of the mast being damaged in this area, it was still rigid and intact. Over the past year, this area weakened until the mast collapsed (so much for my ten year prediction-it only took two years). Although the mast is intact, she now looks like an "L" supported upward by the forecastle of the ship. Unless you look at the mast from the side, you might not realize that it had indeed collapsed. I can best describe the mast looking like a huge waterslide from the upper decks of Titanic down to its mooring. We will be publishing digital footage of this spot in the next 6 weeks.

The second observation of note was one that I had not expected. We found a life boat davit on the stern section of the ship. For me, this was quite a revelation as I had thought that the break-up of Titanic was more aft than any of these davits. Obviously this was not the case and may suggest that Titanic broke up more forward than what was originally thought. Further analysis of this observation will need to be done.

The latest information on the analysis of the Titanic data can be found on our corporate weblog at ..

David A. Bright
Nautical Research Group, Inc.

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