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Journey (4 articles)
The journey, about the people,cargo,route and much more.
Wreck map
This is the map where titanic went down on its maiden voyage 14 April 1912.
Titanic wireless log
"My God, Gray, the Titanic has struck a berg!"
~ Wireless operator Jack Goodwin at Cape Race, Newfoundland, April 14, 1912.

On April 14 Walter Gray, Jack Goodwin and Robert Hunston were serving at the Marconi Company wireless station at Cape Race, 400 miles west of Titanic. After the first distress call, Robert Hunston started this message log.

Titanic's shipboard time was 1 hour and 50 minutes ahead of Eastern Standard Time which was used at Cape Race. Titanic first used the distress call CQD, later adding the new code, SOS.

Halifax Canada
Halifax is a remarkable city in canada that was involved in the aftermatch of titanic
Atlantic ships sharing Titanic's misfortune allong the Northern Ice Route By Ian Jackson
Ships sharing Titanic's fate along the northern ice route. The iceberg's known place in history.

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