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Posted by webmaster on 2006/5/2 21:35:18 (9782 reads)

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LAS VEGAS (Hollywood Reporter) - "Titanic" director James Cameron, warning that Hollywood is "in a fight for survival," wants the movie industry to offer films in digital 3-D to counteract declining sales and rampant piracy.

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/6/10 9:44:24 (21965 reads)

SILVER SPRING, Md., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- James Cameron, Oscar-winning
writer/director/producer of the blockbuster film Titanic, will make his last
trip to the doomed ship this summer as part of an unprecedented television
event. LAST MYSTERIES OF THE TITANIC, a poignant farewell to the most
spectacular shipwreck in history, will have its world premiere Sunday, July
24th at 9 PM on Discovery Channel.

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/5/19 16:59:14 (20321 reads)

Ship-Shaped Building Will Display More Than 400 Artifacts

This Summer, an enchanting, one of a kind, 17,000 square foot, ship-shaped attraction will open in Branson, Missouri. “Titanic: The Legend Continues” will house hundreds of never before seen artifacts and will allow visitors to truly “experience” the Titanic.

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Posted by whitestarmem on 2005/2/7 1:17:07 (14518 reads)

details of a new tv programme being screened in the UK in April on the building of titanic

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Posted by strider_uk on 2005/2/7 1:13:54 (27295 reads)

The 4th annual Titanic event will run from Sat. 26th March to Sat. 2nd April 2005 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
For more details, click the link below. ( it's a pdf file, 2.5mb, so may take a while to load)

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/1/17 22:09:14 (8815 reads)

After his blockbuster Titanic in 1997, he is now going to release another IMAX he was making behind screens.

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/11/2 23:57:37 (12925 reads)

By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor, PA News

Leonardo DiCaprio has admitted his ego was once so big he believed his acting had “altered the course of history”.

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/11/1 17:04:15 (15198 reads)

On Saturday's night live show that aired on 30 Oct, Winslet told the presentor that her fans should know the sinking ship movie wasn't quite as real as it seemed.

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/31 13:38:32 (30896 reads)

Kate winslet won't do nude scenes any more.

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/14 16:37:00 (4716 reads)

Kate winslet the famous actress from the Titanic movie called in to help her friend win £10,000 prize money

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/6 16:28:00 (4192 reads)

There are rumours that Leonardo dicaprio bought an apartment(s)

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/10/5 9:05:00 (5962 reads)

London: Kate Winslet is one modest actress, as the Titanic star reportedly finds it 'strange' when people refer to her as a 'star'.

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/9/29 20:15:00 (7347 reads)

NEW YORK Sept. 29, 2004 — A lawsuit targeting "Titanic" star Leonardo DiCaprio and two other men for their alleged roles in a street fight over "Showgirls" actress Elizabeth Berkley was thrown out by a judge Wednesday.

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Posted by webmaster on 2004/4/7 19:36:00 (4273 reads)

Well I have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview last week of "Ghosts of the Abyss" James Camerons 3D IMAX film. I thought it was an amazing film. The first 10-12mins were aboard the Russian explorer ship and then going down in the Sub. Bill Paxton was very funny as he is clearly petrified going down. The Build up of excitement was fabulous and I was on the edge of my seat.

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